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Morning Skate: Depth

Organizational, that is.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

It will be a practice day for the Bruins today, as they prepare to host the Calgary Flames tomorrow night.

Calgary made some of the biggest headlines of the offseason, losing Johnny Gaudreau to free agency and trading Matthew Tkachuk to the Florida Panthers.

They played in New Jersey Tuesday night, with the game still going as I put this together.

Looking at their schedule, the Flames could have a bit of a beef with the schedule-maker. They’re currently on an Islanders-Devils-Bruins mini-swing, before heading back home (almost all the way across North America) for two games.

After that, they fly all the way back to Florida to start a six-game trip against all EST opponents.

Travel is a fact of life for NHL teams, of course, but that’s a lot of criss-crossing.

On the Bruins side of things, Dan’s organizational update yesterday provided some good perspective on how well things have started for the NHL Bruins and the AHL Bruins.

The two teams each lead their divisions and are a combined 19-3-2 (technically 19-3-1-1, as the AHL counts OTLs and SOLs differently).

The P-Bruins got Jakub Lauko back too when Craig Smith returned from injury, adding a bit more firepower to an already-stacked forward group.

It’s obviously early, but...good times so far to start the season.

Today’s discussion topic

Any of you been to check on this iteration of the Maine Mariners yet? Seems like it would be a cool place to catch a game.

B’s fans (at least if you live in New England) are blessed with two farm teams in reasonable driving distance, and each in two pretty cool cities too.