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Friday Skate: Membership

A new Mr. 1,000.

Boston Bruins v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks!

Sorry about the delay in putting a Morning Skate up, Thursday night kind of got away from us. Still, wanted to get a post up so you had somewhere to comment on today’s happenings.

The Bruins won’t be back in action until tomorrow night, an anticipated showdown against the Stanley Cup champion Colorado Avalanche.

The B’s will also hold a big Alumni Game and Coaching Symposium tomorrow at Warrior Arena, with Zdeno Chara and Adam McQuaid among the more recently retired guys joining the alumni side.

Hopefully Chara doesn’t unleash his famous slapshot on a fellow retiree...

Elsewhere in NHL circles, the big news last night was Tampa’s Steven Stamkos becoming the newest member of the NHL’s 1,000 Point Club, ending Patrice Bergeron’s reign as the most recent member.

One can’t help but wonder how much sooner Stamkos would have reached this milestone if not for the brutal run of injuries he had in the mid 2010s, ranging from a broken leg (against the Bruins) to thoracic outlet syndrome.

Next up (potentially) in the 1,000 Point Club? Phil Kessel, who is 35 points away.


Today’s discussion topic

Now that we’ve seen the full set (socks, pants, etc), what are your thoughts on the Winter Classic jerseys?

I like the whole look a lot more than I liked the jersey on its own.