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Morning Skate: Gifts

Spreading cheer, etc.

Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

It’s another game-free day for YOUR Boston Bruins, who will face the Atlanta Thrashers at home tomorrow night.

In case you need a dose of holiday spirit, here’s the Bruins spreading some cheer at Mass General on Tuesday:

Someone should do a study on how Patrice Bergeron’s hair seems to always stay perfectly in place. Maybe there’s a hair product line in his post-playing future.

Elsewhere, stick salute to former Bruins captain Don McKenney, who passed away over the weekend at age 88.

The B’s will practice today in advance of Thursday’s game, but other than that, things should be relatively quiet — the league’s roster freeze is currently in place too, so while there are plenty of trade rumors swirling, nothing will happen for a bit.

One of the better parts of last night’s action was Leafs fans melting down at a linesman “manhandling” Michael Bunting when he refused to leaf the ice after being escorted to the tunnel.

Leafs fans were torn over whether or not the linesman should have been arrested on the spot, but most seemed to arrive at the perfectly rational, not at all insane take that “well, if the linesman can do that, Bunting should be allowed to shove him back.”

Leafs fans are the gift that keeps on giving, perfect for the holiday season.

Today’s discussion topic

Obviously wild card spots will flop around a bit as the season goes on, but are there any teams currently outside the playoff picture who you think will be in the dance this spring?