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Morning Skate: Curtains

Old long sign, etc.

Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Well folks, this is it: the last Morning Skate of 2022.

Drink it in. Savor it, let it linger, etc.

It’s been quite a 2022 for the Boston Bruins, from a scrappy first-round exit to a new coach to a run of utter dominance (except in Ontario) as 2022 comes to a close.

Obviously we’re all hoping that the best is yet to come as 2023 arrives, but thanks for being a part of the discussions on this site in 2022.

I think the community is as lively and vibrant as it ever has been, thanks to nice mix of veteran commenters and new (virtual) faces. Let’s keep it going.

For the Bruins, a date with the Buffalo Sabres (who put up six on the Detroit Red Wings Thursday night) looms tomorrow afternoon, then we’ve got a day off before the Winter Classic.

On the “news” front, The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun posted a pending-UFA update yesterday, including some “no real news” on the David Pastrnak front.

I won’t pull-quote the whole thing, but LeBrun essentially said the teams are still a bit apart but he suspects a deal will get done eventually — but that it could come down to the wire, i.e. June 30th.

Just what all of our fragile hearts need!

Today’s discussion topic

Where do you sit with this Winter Classic?

It was greeted mostly with “meh” when announced, but are you getting more excited about it as it gets closer, or still just over it?