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2023 WJC Day 5 Recap: Relegation is set

The only thing last night’s games confirmed was who was going to the chopping block to fight for survival. Still pretty good hockey, though.

Game 1: Slovakia cruises to 3-0 victory despite Latvia playing heroically all game.

Poor Latvia, at least they’ll finally get some wins against Austria.

Game Notes:

  • The most heartbreaking part of this entire game was that Latvia was, for the most part, controlling the shots for most of the game; dropping 16 in the second period. But the goals they gave up...oh buddy. It was Slovakia’s least impressive game of the tournament, and it didn’t matter because their defense was stout and Adam Gajan was unreal.
  • Latvia, regretfully, goes to the Relegation Round, where they will meet Austria. While yes, anything can happen, I expect, at long last, for Latvia’s hard working game to finally pay off there.
  • Bruins in this Game: Dans Locmelis was once again called upon to do something, anything, to get Latvia ahead, to no avail. He played 20:55, and will likely be called upon to play more when the Relegation round begins.

Game 2: Austria scores two whole goals! Still going to relegation as Germany picks up 4-2 win.

The Adler are not long for this tourney. It’s better this way.

Game Notes:

  • The crazy thing is that Germany, like Slovakia, played a very listless game once got up, and they were confident enough in Nikita Quapp to get a solid victory. Even in times like this, the Germans can still engineer something impressive.
  • Austria tried, man. They really tried. Kind of like Bart getting an F even after studying and putting in the work. Germany essentially dared them to get back into this game and it was just way, way too late, even after Ian Scherzer and Jonas Dobnig got their goals. They advance to relegation, where they face an immensely frustrated Latvia who will want to take their frustrations out on them. May god have mercy on them, because the residents of the Baltic won’t.

Games Today:

Switzerland vs. Slovakia, 11am

Should I watch?: This game will determine seeding for Group B, and these two teams can be closer than you’d expect. I think this is worth watching!

Czechia vs. Germany, 1:30pm

Should I watch?: Germany got their win out of the way, I don’t anticipate them playing Quapp for any game they aren’t possibly getting knocked out of the tournament for, so maybe just catch the highlights, and marvel at how, if Sweden ends up losing to Canada, Czechia got out of Group A the leader off of a game like this.

Finland vs. USA, 4pm

The B’s and Sabres game will be over, and two of the weirdest teams in the tournament will face off to decide who’s the real big dick of Group B. I think you owe it to yourself to watch how this goes off.

Canada vs. Sweden, 6:30pm

I know one commenter who will have all his snacks and drinks ready to watch whatever the hell Canada ends up doing to Sweden!

I’d give it a watch if you’re a fan of Schadenfreude, because I think a big heaping bowl of it is going to be force fed to the Swedes tonight.