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Morning Skate: Gamble

Bold move to go down 3-0.

Vegas Golden Knights v Boston Bruins Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Fire everyone, the Bruins lost a home game.

Though since it was a shootout loss, they got a point, so it’s kind of like a half-loss? Only fire half the people.

All good things must come to an end, and in an interesting twist, the guy behind the Bruins’ bench last time they lost a regular season game at TD Garden was the guy behind the visitor’s bench to end the season-opening home winning streak.

Throw in the game-winner coming from Reilly Smith and it was truly a REVENGE GAME!!!!

(Except not really, as Smith’s tenure as a Bruin seems 25 years ago at this point.)

The B’s were bound to fall at home at some point, and falling behind 3-0 is generally a good way to make things hard on yourself.

Still, like we saw in the Ottawa game earlier in the season, even when the Bruins are off, they seem to find ways to hang around.

If nothing else, it certainly makes the team interesting to watch, as you’re never going to change the channel just because they’re down a goal or two.

The B’s will now hit the road for a short trip, playing in Denver Wednesday, Tempe Friday, and Las Vegas Sunday.

Colorado potentially suffered another big blow last night, as Nathan MacKinnon left the game after doubling over in pain following a standard wrist shot, which is never a good sign.

Anyways, what’s on tap for today?

Today’s discussion topic

There’s no real right or wrong answer here, but I’m curious as to what you think: why do you think so many talented goal scorers are so bad (relatively speaking) at the shootout?

Guys like Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak, among others, pile in the “real” goals but are around 25% in the shootout.

My theory is that the shootout is largely a crapshoot, but...let’s hear it.