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Morning Skate: Break

A nice way to end, at least.

Seattle Kraken v Boston Bruins Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

It’s a one-and-done for the B’s this week, as last night’s win over Seattle was their last game prior to the NHL All-Star break.

The Bruins will return to action a week from yesterday when the Pittsburgh Penguins pay them a visit; until then, keep yourselves busy.

While last night’s game wasn’t exactly a thorough beating of a worse team, it was a win — and considering how the Dallas game went, “just a win” is good enough at this point.

David Pastrnak continued his torrid streak last night, chipping in two goals to bring his season total to 22. He now has 22 points in 17 games since the start of 2022.

Still, the game wasn’t without its bumps in the road, as blowing a two-goal lead at home in the third period isn’t ideal, but like I said — a win is a win.

Today’s discussion topic

What’s your take on the All-Star Game and surrounding festivities? Looking forward to it or indifferent?