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Morning Skate: Reversal

That’s more like it.

Colorado Avalanche v Boston Bruins Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

What a difference a few days makes, eh?

After a disappointing effort against the Islanders and a “meh” affair in Ottawa, the Bruins steamrolled the league-leading Colorado Avalanche yesterday.

The duck boat parade is back on!

While it’d be a stretch to call this a “statement game,” it was certainly the kind of effort fans wanted to see from a Bruins team that is far better than it looked on Thursday and Saturday nights.

One game won’t make a season, but given how the Bruins played yesterday, you have to think that kind of game is a big confidence boost.

Plus, the B’s did it without Brad Marchand, and handled Colorado pretty well in Denver too, albeit with a more disappointing ending.

To be honest, games like yesterday’s are also one of the more frustrating things about this year’s edition of the Bruins: they can look like world beaters one day, then a lottery team the next.

Getting the former to show up more regularly than the latter will go a long way toward determining how much hockey the Bruins are playing this spring.

Today’s discussion topic

Here you go:

It’s probably safe to say that Nathan MacKinnon wasn’t trying to slash the linesman, but 1) his reaction time is questionable and 2) can you imagine the meltdown if the accidental slash was done by #63 on the Bruins?