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Morning Skate: West coast

Getting some sunshine is never a bad thing.

Colorado Avalanche Vs Boston Bruins At TD Garden Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Full disclosure, folks: I’m putting this Morning Skate together before the Bruins-Kraken game ends.

Due to work commitments and toddler-hood, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get this up post-game, and a Skate-free Friday simply wasn’t an option.

Anyways, happy Friday. Here in Massachusetts, we’ve got some snow coming our way today — up to a foot, depending on where in the state you are.

It’s worth mentioning that it was 69 degrees on Wednesday, and it’s going to snow all day today, so...gotta love New England.

For their part, the Bruins picked a good time to skip town.

They own the schedule-makers a beer or two for scheduling the California swing for the end of February — not a bad time to leave New England for the West Coast (and desert, with a visit to Vegas coming up too).

These West Coast swings are typically good barometers of a team’s make-up, as at least one of the teams is usually good and the trip almost always features at least one back-to-back set.

This year, it’s the Kings (surprisingly) and Golden Knights who loom as the tricky teams, though both are in the Bruins’ neighborhood points-wise.

Get the shovels ready and wait for the snow to stop — what’s on tap for the weekend?

Today’s discussion topic

What’s your shoveling/snowblowing strategy: wait for it to stop and do one big run, or multiple trips over the course of the day?