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It’s a clusterf$#k of all-stars! Come watch! Or don’t, I’m not your dad.

Vegas Golden Knights v Washington Capitals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Just the Facts:


All Star Skills Competition - 4pm to 7pm

As with most All-Star Games recently, it’s probably gonna be a massive clusterfuck. Bergeron will be playing in the accuracy contest, so before or after that, if you’re bored at all, go on ahead and complain about it!

Where to Watch:

ESPN, Sportsnet


The actual All-Star Game - 3pm puck drop

Where to Watch:

ABC, Sportsnet

Bergeron will be playing for Team Atlantic with many of the better forwards in the game. Atlantic Supremacy is all but assured.

I’m dogsitting this weekend so I’m not watching any of that. You guys have fun, though!