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Morning Skate: Recharge

For most of the team, at least.

2022 Honda NHL All-Star Game Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Happy Monday, folks.

The NHL’s All-Star Weekend is in the rearview mirror, and the second half of the season officially kicks off tonight with two games on the books.

The Bruins aren’t back in action until tomorrow night, when the Pittsburgh Penguins come to town.

For most guys, it was probably a nice mini break, with the off days giving the players a chance to recharge before the hectic second half begins.

Patrice Bergeron didn’t exactly get a break, though you probably wouldn’t consider playing in the All-Star Game a taxing affair.

Bergeron did register a goal for the Atlantic team, which is nice, even though they lost.

Overall, All-Star Weekend seemed fine. It was still very NHL, with lots of minor celebrities and awkward interactions.

The Breakaway Challenge was probably the highlight, with the great (Trevor Zegras) and the not-so-great (whatever Alex Pietrangelo did).

That event is made for guys with personality, so the league should try to grow it a bit in the coming years. Ideally, our man David Pastrnak gets a shot at some point.

Anyways, another day’s wait before the unofficial second half begins for the Bruins, so...what’s on tap?

Today’s discussion topic

Your thoughts on the entire All-Star Weekend experience? Or did you not bother tuning in?