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Bruins Acquire Hampus Lindholm for loads of Picks, Vaakanainen, Moore

A big swede makes his way to the other side of the country

NHL: JAN 26 Ducks at Maple Leafs Photo by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Ducks are open for sale it seems, what with Josh Manson out the door and now it appears that Kevin Weekes, appearing from any number of locations he seems to be at today, has apparently acquired information that was corroborated by Pierre LeBrun.

So that’s neat!

So what’s Hampus Lindholm like?

The best place to get such info is from a Ducks fans, and we just so happen to know a few of them! From Stephen over at Anaheim Calling:

“Lindholm has historically been one of the premier shutdown defenders in the league. He has however seen a significant dip in his underlying numbers over the last few years due to Anaheim’s impact players aging out of that role, and younger players not yet stepping into them. He has spent the year partnered with rookie defenseman Jamie Drysdale who is still learning the NHL and wasn’t drafted for his defensive impact to begin with.”

“I fully expect him to get back to form in Boston where he will be a part of a strong and cohesive unit, and will finally have some semblance of defensive structure in the team he plays for. I also have to imagine that Boston will try and pair Lindholm with McAvoy, and should they be able to find some chemistry, those two could well emerge as one of the best defense pairs in the NHL. All in all Hampus Lindholm is a big bodied, smooth skating defenseman who is able to use his size and his skill to have an impact at both ends of the ice. He shouldn’t be expected to put up a bunch of points, but he has enough skill and smarts to make a difference alongside the more talented forwards boston will ice every night. All in all I expect Bruin fans, players, and management to fall in love with the reliable Swede and hopefully get to see him raise a cup when its all said and done this year.“

Thanks, Stephen!

What’s he like under the hood?

Just as Stephen said, He’s had a bit of a rough go of it this year, but overall he’s a guy we’ve advocated for in the past and his impact overall seems to indicate that he’s a pretty darn good defenseman that will almost certainly rebound in one of the top 5 defenses in the NHL.


He is 6’4.

Your size fetish will be sated, don’t you worry.

What do the terms look like?

UPDATE: Pierre LeBrun has the scoop, and it’s apparently a doozy once the trade goes through.

Have to imagine one of the youngs like Frederic or DeBrusk or Studnicka plus all those picks are going the other way. That’s a steep price for a rental, but if they’re extending him, it could be made slightly more reasonable.

UPDATE UPDATE: According to LeBrun? It was none of them! Instead, John Moore and Urho Vaakanainen are rumored to be the players going back the other way!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The official terms are in!


Initial Reaction:

Decent work, makes your already good defensive depth better, and you didn’t lose Fabian Lysell. Gonna have to see how that extension looks, but otherwise? This was a big W for Sweeney.

Alright, so that’s your LHD problem that wasnt nearly as big an issue as your 2nd line center getting demoted to 4th line as recently as 24 hours ago was figured out, What do we think so far?