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Bruins sign Jake DeBrusk to a two-year contract extension, could facilitate trade

Talk about mixed signals!

NHL: MAR 15 Bruins at Blackhawks Photo by Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bruins have made their first move of Deadline Day, and it’s one that sends some mixed signals.

The team announced this morning that Jake DeBrusk has signed a two-year contract extension with a cap hit of $4 million.

As you likely recall, DeBrusk was set to be a restricted free agent when his current contract expired at the end of this season.

While the first reaction to a new deal might be “huh, I guess he’s staying,” that’s not necessarily the case.

Most “insiders” have noted that DeBrusk hasn’t rescinded his trade request, with some saying that they expect the Bruins to move him today.

In that case, the extension is likely just the final step before dealing DeBrusk elsewhere, as it takes a little uncertainty off the table for the team acquiring him.

Having DeBrusk under contract control for two more years (and at a reasonable price, provided he keeps producing) may help the Bruins get a little more of a return in a trade.

We’ll see! It’s still very funny that the Bruins had to put out a press release, make a cool graphic on Twitter, etc. for a guy who probably won’t be here in a few hours.

Ah, the fun of the trade deadline...