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B’s sign WMU Goalie Brandon Bussi to an Entry Level Contract

A Bronco dons Black and Gold!

As NCAA Free Agency has quietly raged on for some teams, The Bruins have taken this opportunity to money a young man and signed a goalie out of Western Michigan! Say hello to Brandon Bussi!

Bussi’s time for the Broncos was quite successful! Pitching a 46-25-5 record over three years in Kalamazoo, and staying generally above .910 SV% when he was allowed to play more than like 5 games in 2020. Regrettably, the Broncos weren’t able to capitalize on his strong play for the most part; playing in a hell-conference with Denver, Duluth and North Dakota will do that to uh...anybody. Getting one over on Northeastern this year and then running smack dab right into Minnesota, a terrible fate for any team looking to be good unless they’re UMass or something like that. It’s likely he’ll be reporting to Providence on that ATO that PuckPedia mentioned.

Regardless, we welcome Brandon to the Boston Bruins!