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Morning Skate: Buzzer

Closing games is becoming a problem.

Los Angeles Kings v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, folks!

The Bruins certainly didn’t start their week off on the right foot last night, dropping a 3-2 OT decision to the Los Angeles Kings.

After a strong road trip, the B’s had a chance to keep things moving in the right direction, but instead continued a somewhat concerning trend by allowing another last-minute goal.

While the buzzer beaters haven’t exactly caused disastrous results lately, it’s hard not to look at it as a problem.

In the last week-ish, the Bruins allowed:

  • A last-minute, game-losing goal against the Ducks.
  • A last-minute, game-tying goal in an eventual win against Columbus.
  • A last-minute, game-tying goal in an eventual loss to the Kings.

While the Columbus one didn’t hurt that much due to the Wild Card cushion, the other two represent three potential points left on the board (though it’s not necessarily fair to assume the Bruins would have gone on to win the Ducks game).

If you look at Monday’s game in particular, the point left on the board was compounded by both Florida and Toronto winning last night (and Tampa winning Sunday).

Of course, it’s dramatic to say that last night’s loss derails any hopes of climbing the Atlantic standings.

But the B’s clearly have something to work on here — you don’t get consolation points once the playoffs roll around.

Today’s discussion topic

It’s funny, because one of you fine Chowder readers/commenters mentioned the concerning trend of last-minute goals after the Columbus game...FORTUNE TELLER.

Anyways, what do you think is behind this issue? Lack of a timely save? Lapses in judgment? Bad puck luck?