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Morning Skate: Cluster


Ottawa Senators v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Welcome to Friday, folks!

The vibes in BruinsLand at the moment are decidedly...not great.

The Bruins’ skid continued last night with a 3-2 loss to a not good Ottawa Senators team, the B’s third loss in a row and fourth loss in five games.

I suppose the lone bright spot in that stretch is that the one win came against a very good team, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I think we all knew that the Bruins probably weren’t as good as a 9-1-0ish run indicated, and they’re not as bad as this recent run makes them look.

Injuries are injuries, and they’re certainly piling up — Matt Grzelcyk returns, then Linus Ullmark leaves. Good times.

However, the Bruins generally look discombobulated lately.

Last night was a good example: Blown two-goal lead. Two (!) too many men penalties. 0 for 5 on the power play. Not great.

The Bruins are certainly not feelin’ it, per Nihilist Bruce:

That’s the spirit!

Anyways, at this point, the playoff spot is locked up. The Bruins aren’t going to lose out and the Islanders aren’t going to win out.

Might be a good time to sit...everybody.

Then again, with the way things are going, maybe it’s better to officially clinch first. Just to be safe.

Today’s discussion topic

It’s Friday, free discussion. Not like we have much to argue about, right? Right?