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Jakub Zboril signed to two year, $2.275 million extension

The new Z gets to stick around!

NHL: New York Islanders at Boston Bruins
“Tendies at my place!”
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Though his season was halted prematurely by an ACL Tear, Jakub Zboril showed exceptional promise as a depth defenseman this year, and the Bruins noticed, announcing today that they have extended Z to a 2 year contract worth about $1.137 million AAV on the cap.

Zboril was indeed part of That Draft™ and living up to That Draft™ has unfortunately become the albatross that three players were saddled with until they retire, but honestly if he can show the analytical prowess and low-key physical prowess that got him to the show, I think there’s a good chance he could stick around for a good while. Being a hair over a million for the next couple of years doesn’t hurt either.

So welcome back Jakub Zboril to the Boston Bruins! Get healthy, get rested, and get ready for October!