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Offseason update: Brad Marchand had hip surgery, will miss start of 2022-23 season

Time for a little R+R for #63

Boston Bruins v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Seven Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

The Bruins released an announcement today that signaled that the B’s will be without Brad Marchand for a bit to start next season, as he had successful hip arthroscopy and a Labral repair on both sides of his hip.

Your Hip Labrum is a cartilagenous cushion between the socket in your hip and femur, allowing the upper leg to move around freely and allow the hip to move around as well. While the cartilage is strong, it can fray and tear if stressed enough by the femur getting jammed into the hip with enough force (though that’s hardly the only way something like that can happen), which Marchy is no stranger to lots of undue force being placed upon his body quite suddenly as an NHL Hockey player.

With the current turnaround of six months, it appears Boston will not start the NHL season with Marchand on the roster, likely bringing him in around November. A rough start to the offseason to be sure, but it’s better than losing him for potentially much longer had they waited for this to become an untenable problem.

That said, we wish Marchy all the best in his recovery, and hope the team he plays for this upcoming fall is able to whether the opening month of the season without him!