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Morning Skate: Schadenfreude

You hate to see it.

Boston Bruins Vs. Carolina Hurricanes at PNC Arena Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Tuesday! I hope everyone had a nice long weekend.

If it was just a regular weekend, hopefully that was good too. Whatever works!

The on-ice happenings for the B’s are over for a bit, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a game watched with interest last night — Carolina saw its season end with a thorough Game 7 beating by the New York Rangers.

Sure, you never want to find yourself cheering for a New York team, but...sometimes exceptions can be made.

Shame to see such a likable Carolina team got knocked out. You hate to see it.

Anyways, that’s enough of that. The NHL’s conference finals are set, with the Edmonton Oilers facing the Colorado Avalanche and the Rangers facing the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Should be a good round!

The World Championships ended over the weekend too, with Finland beating Canada for gold.

The Bruins ended the tournament with some hardware, as David Pastrnak had a hat trick to lead Czechia to a bronze medal (at the expense of Jeremy Swayman and the USA...awkward).

So the Worlds are over, the playoffs roll on without the’s almost June.

Today’s discussion topic

What are your thoughts on the Jacob Trouba hit on Seth Jarvis?

I couldn’t help but think of how Carolina lionized Andrei Svechnikov for KO’ing Hampus Lindholm.

Seems like this one was maybe a bit higher than that one though...hopefully Jarvis is OK long term, that aftermath was tough to see.