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Morning Skate: Tease

Don’t do this to us.

Boston Bruins v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Bill WippertNHLI via Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

The offseason is a time for wild trade proposals, baseless rumors, and rampant speculation about things that probably won’t happen — after all, we all need to pass the time somehow.

Our man David Pastrnak added some fuel to an already smoldering fire yesterday, posting a video featuring our former man David Krejci on his Instagram story:

This is the offseason content we all need.

The best part is that you can interpret it any way your heart desires: He didn’t say yes! It’s just a joke! He didn’t say no!

Good times.

In all likelihood, this is little more than two Czech pals busting chops after winning a bronze medal.

However, it’s funny to see Pastrnak (who looks like he’s wearing the same style of shades as his famous Lake Tahoe performance) asking the question that’s on most Bruins fans’ minds.

We’ll likely toss this back and forth for the next several weeks, so don’t spend your takes all at once!

Today’s discussion topic

A common take regarding the Rangers is that their “run” is fraudulent due to them playing back-up goalies.

I think this is kind of a silly take. You play who you play, it’s out of your control. It was silly back when it was the Bruins in 2019 (“didn’t have to play Tampa”), and it’s silly now.

Your thoughts?