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Morning Skate: Waiting

And waiting some more!

2022 NBA Finals-Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics Photo by Annette Grant/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, the last day before this year’s Stanley Cup Final begins.

The Lightning and Avalanche will kick things off in Denver tomorrow night, with Colorado the slight favorite to win it all according to most sportsbooks.

Of course, series aren’t won at the betting window, so...we’ll see how it goes!

If nothing else, it’s somewhat refreshing to see two heavyweights in the Final, as opposed to the rather fluky finalists we’ve seen in some recent seasons (hello, Montreal).

Things remain quiet on the Bruins front, and should remain so until a new coach is hired — that, or Patrice Bergeron making some kind of decision on his future will probably be the next bits of news.

Elsewhere, former Bruin Jeremy Lauzon, lost in the expansion draft, received a four-year, $8-million contract extension to remain with the Nashville Predators, who acquired him prior to this year’s trade deadline.

Today’s discussion topic

This certainly isn’t set in stone, but for discussion — Elliotte Friedman reports that he’s heard Nate Leaman, Jim Montgomery, and Jay Leach are in the running for the B’s head coaching job.

Any interest in those three? It seems a little odd that Leaman keeps coming up, given that he just got a new contract a few weeks ago, but I guess any contract can be broken.