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Morning Skate: Narrow


New Jersey Devils v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s technically Throwback Thursday, but that’s not the main reason for the photo accompanying this post.

Instead, it’s because one of the guys in that photo is reportedly going to be interviewed for the Bruins’ head coaching position.

I think we can all agree that head coach Blake Wheeler has a nice ring to it!

Jokes aside, former Bruin (and Devil and Lightning and Canadien and Shark) Jay Leach, pictured above back in 2009, is reportedly one of the five people being interviewed for Bruce Cassidy’s old gig:

Joe McDonald has had some scoops in the past, so there’s reason to believe the list is legit. However, it’s worth noting that he doesn’t say these guys are the only ones scheduled to interview, so...yeah.

Of that list, I’d say Leach has to be among the favorites. Both he and Carbery have experience with the organization; Joe Sacco does too, but I’m not sure the Bruins would fire Cassidy for a “new message” only to then promote one of his assistants.

I have, however, been wrong before.

In other news, the Stanley Cup Final kicked off last night, but I’m not sure how it went because I grasp desperately at any chance to sleep with a five-week old dude in the house.

I hope it was a good game.

Go Celtics.

Today’s discussion topic

Speaking of Blake Wheeler, that 2008-2009 Bruins team was an absolute unit - possibly one of the most fun-to-watch iterations of the Bruins I can remember.

I guess that’s not really a topic, but...discuss.