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Morning Skate: Holding

Pattern, that is.

England v USA - 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images

Happy Monday, folks!

Another week of the offseason begins, and it’s sure looking like the NHL season could be over before this week ends.

After an OT win in Game 1, Colorado utterly pasted Tampa Bay in Game 2, winning 7-0.

It’s fair to say that a team isn’t really in trouble until it loses on home ice, every team has a bad game, etc. — but the thoroughness (is that a word?) with which the Avs dispatched the Lightning in Game 2 was impressive.

Game 3 is tonight, and unless Tampa really wakes up, this series won’t make it to next weekend.

There’s little news on the Bruins front. There were rumblings late last week that former New York Rangers coach David Quinn is a frontrunner for the B’s job, while the team is reportedly interviewing others as well.

For my money, if you’re really looking for a “youth and different message” type guy, why hire another NHL re-tread?

While Quinn likely deserves another shot at some point, I’d prefer to see the Bruins go with a first-time NHL coach (at the head coach level, at least)...but maybe that’s just me.

As many of you noted over the weekend, it’s silly to watch this year’s Final and think the Bruins just need a different voice to be at that level.

They need someone who can motivate the current group but also have an eye on the future — no small feat given the conflicting pressures of “win now” and “develop a very very shallow prospect pool.”

I’m sure there will be plenty of additional rumors flying around all week.

One can’t help but think the decision of Patrice Bergeron (and perhaps of David Krejci too) may hinge on who gets brought in, so we could see a bunch of dominoes start to fall once the vacancy is filled.

Anyways, what’s on tap for this Monday?

Today’s discussion topic

Tampa: are you writing them off, or do you think the Bolts will show “championship mettle” in Game 3?