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Morning Skate: Rank

It’s almost time.

Carolina Hurricanes v Boston Bruins - Game Four Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday!

If you had yesterday off due to the Juneteenth holiday in the US, welcome to the work week.

If you didn’t, or if you work a different schedule, well...then it’s just Tuesday.

We’re heading into that time off the offseason: the time where everyone gets to argue about player performance!

That’s right, it’s time to fire up this year’s player ratings! The first round of voting will open today - I’m going to do different groups, just like last year.

After all, wouldn’t you rather argue about Matt Grzelcyk’s rating than wonder aloud if the Bruins are going to hire David Quinn?

(This is the Internet, so feel free to do both.)

Again, like last year, we’ll have you fine readers rank the players, then having us writers do the same.

Last year, we were pretty aligned on most players. Who knows what this year will have in store?

Anyways, what else is on tap?

Today’s discussion topic

Four Atlantic Division teams missed out on the playoffs this season: Buffalo, Detroit, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Of those four, which do you see as being closest to a return to the playoffs?