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Rank the Bruins: Have your say on this year’s goalies!

Lots of hugs...but lots of love?

Carolina Hurricanes v Boston Bruins - Game Six Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

Heading into last season, the Bruins had Tuukka Rask’s “will he or won’t he?” question looming over the crease for the early part of the season.

Throw in a rookie goalie in Jeremy Swayman and a free agent signing in Linus Ullmark, and the Bruins’ crease was as uncertain as it had been in more than a decade.

However, concerns about the B’s goaltending turned out to be largely unwarranted: Rask sadly retired, but the other two guys performed pretty well overall.

To refresh your memory:

Linus Ullmark

  • 26-10-2
  • 95 goals against
  • .917 save percentage
  • 2.45 GAA
  • 10.8 goals saved above average

Jeremy Swayman

  • 23-14-3
  • 96 goals against
  • .914 save percentage
  • 2.41 GAA
  • 7.3 goals saved above average

For the sake of sparing us all the discourse, I left Rask out of this year’s rankings. You can thank me later.

Rank this year’s goalies

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