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ONE MORE YEAR: Patrice Bergeron reportedly signs one year extension with the Bruins

Our Captain’s back!

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

I guess Tony Amonte should consider not buying lottery tickets or deleting some friends on Facebook, but the captain of the Boston Bruins is STAYING IN BOSTON! Here’s the report of Joe McDonald:

He’s decided that he’s going to stick around for one more year, and he’s probably getting a tidy sum to do it. Of course, the reality of the situation is that if every player could, they’d donate some cash just to keep him kicking around; Bergeron just kind of does that for the Boston Bruins. Absolutely everybody loves him and why shouldn’t they? He’s just the best leader you could ever ask for in all the right ways.

It...feels weird that I have to even explain this part given that most of you have watched him since he was young and it’s also Evident When You Watch Him Play With Your Disgusting Human Ocular Jelly™, but we do this with pretty much every skater acquired by the team so we gotta do it now, even if they re-up.

Bergeron is...well...perfect. He’s absolutely perfect. He’s probably the best defensive forward of our generation; a perennial Selke candidate, a possession star on which all things orbit, and even at his age he’s still doing this to unsuspecting NHL teams assuming he’ll fall off, when him “falling off” would probably only turn him into a perfectly quality top six NHL player. He’s just unreal. We’re so lucky to watch him play for the Boston Bruins.

For reference, when we usually use this RAPM charts, the “typical” amount of standard deviations is about 3. Bergeron’s ability to possess the puck has been like this for so long it’s broken normalcy even in the analytics.

We’ll be updating this with specifics on the contract as details become apparent.

So! With all this said and done, let’s say it loud and happily...