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Morning Skate: Stability

Or something like that.

NHL: MAY 31 Stanley Cup Playoffs Second Round - Islanders at Bruins

Monday is here, folks. Another week begins.

Hopefully you had a good weekend - the weather was beautiful in Boston, unless you’re not into summer weather.

I apologize for being behind the times, but I had to put this morning’s Skate together on Sunday evening before the Cup Final game - the season might be over or Tampa might have turned up the heat on Colorado.

You know more than me!

Elsewhere this weekend, reports circulated that GM Don Sweeney has received the contract extension that was little more than a formality. The team hasn’t announced anything about that, nor about the rumored Patrice Bergeron extension.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the Sweeney news officially comes out this week; Bergeron may take a little longer.

Many of you discussed over the weekend the reports that David Quinn and Jay Leach are the finalists for the Bruins head coaching job, so we may be nearing a resolution on that as well.

Lots happening this week! Or maybe not, who knows.

Today’s discussion topic

This is not really a topic, but I feel like I have to give a shoutout to you fine readers - we received 300+ submissions on each of the “rank the XYZ” forms.

That’s a pretty cool number in the middle of the summer.

We’ll process all of those in the coming weeks, and then get to the posts.

Anyways, yeah...cheers to you.