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Morning Skate: Selections

The Bruins have a few.

2021 NHL Draft - Round 2-7 Photo by Michael Penhollow/NHLI via Getty Images

Thursday! It’s here.

A long weekend should be coming up for many of you, so...hang in there.

As many of you noted in the comments yesterday, people who know more than me continue to throw different names at the Bruins’ coaching wall, seeing who will stick.

Yesterday’s winners were Mike Vellucci, currently an assistant with the Penguins, and Greg Cronin, currently the coach of the Avalanche’s AHL affiliate.

The wheel of options continues to turn. Turn, wheel, turn!

In more certain doings, the NHL released the full order for next week’s draft today, with the Bruins selecting at:

  • 54
  • 91
  • 119
  • 183
  • 200
  • 215

The B’s will hope to hit paydirt in the middle rounds, as they have in the past. With no first-round picks, you’ve gotta get what you can get.

Anways, what’s on tap for today?

Today’s discussion topic

Any takes on this year’s draft?

Seems like Juraj Slafkovsky, Shane Wright, and Logan Cooley have been neck and neck for much of the draft period.