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Patrice Bergeron wins record setting 5th Selke Trophy!

We are not worthy.

2017 NHL Awards - Portraits Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

There are no more comparables. Because now Patrice Bergeron is the standard bearer for defensive forwards in the National Hockey League. He is the standard now.

What a player.

The League announced that Patrice Bergeron won his record-setting fifth Selke Trophy today as announced over socials and on the pre-game broadcast for Game 3 of TBL-NYR, and from the looks of things, he absolutely ran away with it:

He almost doubled up on 2nd place. Holy crap that’s a special player.

Of course, it really shouldn’t be surprising. Once again, Patrice Bergeron was one of the most dominating 2-way centers in the NHL this year, even with missed time and some scoring slumps; when he was on the ice, the ice tilted in Boston’s favor, and everyone knew it, and were otherwise powerless to stop it.

This is Bergeron’s 11th season as a finalist for the award, surpassing even The Great One’s ten year dominance over the Hart Trophy. He of course, is now the winningest of all Selke nominees, breaking his tie with Bob Gainey. The numbers of course, do not lie either; he was a force to be reckoned with:

Most RAPM charts made by Evolving-Hockey default to three standard deviations above average players. In order to see Bergeron’s in full, you’d need to set it to show 5. Just an unbelievable season.

Truly, we are beyond lucky to get to witness a player this talented play in Black and Gold. Even now that we speculate on his return, it would be celebrated. Because this is the kind of player who can go for as long as he wants to. The kind that ages gracefully.

The kind that will make him a legend beyond legends here in Boston.

Oh and we should probably consider renaming the award to “The Bergy” at some point. Should probably start that petition at some point.

Congratulations to Patrice on his records set, and his legacy as one of the greatest defensive forwards of all time cemented!