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Morning Skate: Saucy

Rumor, innuendo, etc.

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Carolina Hurricanes v Boston Bruins - Game Six Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

The Bruins’ soap opera-esque offseason continues, and one can’t help but wonder — what chaos will be unleashed today?

Playoff exit, 54 surgeries, an un-signed captain, a fired coach, a testy GM, and then the latest twist in the tale, an allegedly unhappy top scorer.

The whole “David Pastrnak isn’t happy here and the Bruins might have to trade him” storyline seemed a little out-of-left-field to begin with, and it was debunked on Wednesday:

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that Barry was ever going to come out and say “oh yeah we’re totally skipping town, great reporting,” but it all just seemed a little silly.

(This isn’t to mock Fluto, as I believe the source said what he said, but...”person close to player” can say whatever he/she wants.)

And so, another day begins. What will we have today? Time will tell.

Today’s discussion topic

The Athletic ranked all 32 NHL team broadcasts, and the Jack Edwards/Andy Brickley duo came in at #30 - an improvement from last year!

What’s your take on the NESN broadcast? Is it as bad as people say, or mostly just people joining in to dunk on something?

I actually think Edwards has toned it down a bit in recent years and it’s mostly confirmation bias at this point, but they’re fine for a regional, home-team broadcast.