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Morning Skate: Whirlwind

What a few weeks.

Tuukka Rask Joins Boston Pride Scrimmage Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks!

And Happy Canada Day to everyone north of the border.

Between Canada Day today and Independence Day on Monday, most of our readership will be observing some kind of holiday, so...enjoy!

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day amongst B’s fans, with reports on leading candidates for the Bruins coaching job evolving into “Jim Montgomery is the guy.”

We also had Kevin Weekes reigniting David Krejci speculation with an “I’m just saying” kind of Tweet, even though Krejci and his family frequently spend time in South Carolina.

(I don’t know what Czechia is like in the summer, but I can’t imagine it’s nicer than South Carolina, except maybe for the humidity.)

So...possible new coach. Krejci rumors. All we need is a “Tuukka Rask is unretiring but will play as a forward” to complete the chaos trifecta.

With the Montgomery stuff, I’d imagine the B’s may announce that hire today, though they also might just dump it over the American holiday weekend.

Also, as a not-so-gentle reminder, don’t be a dick about Montgomery’s challenges with alcohol in the past.

You never know what others are going through, and he deserves credit for not only addressing it but for being so open about the struggles and the process.

Anyways, what’s on tap for today?

Today’s discussion topic

Is it me, or was the coaching reporting all over the map?

I don’t mean to be critical of the guys and girls who have far more sources than I ever will, but it just seems like things went from “Quinn is in the lead, followed by Leach” to “Jim Montgomery is hired” pretty quickly.

I suppose it’s also fair to consider that maybe the B’s pivoted quickly too.