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Momentum appears to be building for a David Krejci return

ItsHappening.gif, etc.

NHL: JUN 07 Stanley Cup Playoffs Second Round - Islanders at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Since the Bruins season ended, it seems like each passing week has brought us more and more bits of David Krejci news and rumors.

Conversations, sightings, name it. It’s all been mostly nebulous to this point, but it appears that things may be coming together pretty quickly.

On Monday, both WEEI’s Lou Merloni (a bit random as a hockey insider, but whatever) and Kevin Weekes indicated that Krejci and the Bruins were in the midst of negotiations for a return.

I’m not sure about Merloni’s inside info, but considering Weekes recently broke so much trade deadline news that he was turned into a meme, there’s probably something to the reports.

At Jim Montgomery’s introductory press conference today, GM Don Sweeney indicated that he’s been in touch with Krejci recently and that a decision is pending.

If you’re into more of a “connect the dots” approach, there’s a variety of circumstantial evidence pointing towards things heating up between Krejci and the Bruins as well.

Krejci and his family are back in town, as documented by his wife on her social media channels (21st century investigative techniques, folks).

Krejci was pictured at the Red Sox game yesterday, and his wife, Naomi, threw another log on the fire on Monday afternoon.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Krejci and his family are visiting friends, finishing up business in town, or something less exciting than negotiating a return.

However, there’s plenty of smoke at this point, and it wouldn’t be shocking to have something announced sometime this week.

While opinions are split on how effective Krejci would be after a year away, he’s almost certainly the most cost-effective-yet-still-productive 2C option for a team that isn’t exactly swimming in cap space at the moment.

I guess we’ll see! It’s not quite time to deploy the Ron Paul ItsHappening.gif yet, but we are on high alert.

Krejci back, Bergeron back...nostalgia vibes off the charts.

Productivity vibes? We shall see.