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PHF expands to Montreal

We will get some more Boston-Montreal hockey meetings (kind of).

This morning the PHF announced a new expansion team. Once again the federation is adding a team north of the border, this time based in Quebec. While the team is being billed as Montreal the team will be playing their home games across the province. There will be a practice facility in Montreal that will serve as a base for players.

The league sent out an invitation late last night with little details for this morning’s press conference and not much was given this morning. The team is still without a name or logo as the season fast approaches. We did learn that while the team was not allowed to contact players it was a poorly kept secret that this was going to happen so it down’t seem likely there are players that would want to play for this organization that would have signed with other teams. The team president Kevin Raphaël did mention during the conference that his phone was already blowing up with players contacting him. Raphaël is a well known figure in the Quebec sports scene. It does not seem like the team will have any difficulty filling a roster but at this time there are no official players or any members of the coaching staff.

The team joins three other teams as being owned by the BTM Partners, John Boychuck’s group, while the Toronto Six deal is still being finalized.

The league will continue to release more info on the team in the coming weeks, seemingly once they are finalized.