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Bruins sign five depth options for bottom six and Providence

A little housecleaning in the depth before the big fish land

Bruins Introduce Jim Montgomery as New Head Coach Photo by Carlin Stiehl for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

We’re all waiting on news from Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, but until that point, Don Sweeney made a series of signings to help fill up the depth and allow for a little extra competition down in Providence and also in the 3rd and 4th line of the team, most if not all at League min.

Presenting, in alphabetical order:

AJ Greer, Left Wing

From the Devils and Avalanche, he’s a big boy (6’3), a former BU Terrier, and has been playing fairly sporadically in their depth.

Connor Carrick - Defenseman

An AHL boy! Previously with the Charlotte Checkers and the Binghampton Devils.

Dan Renouf - Defenseman

A former Red Wing, he’d played extremely little with them but was serviceable...according to math, any how.

Keith Kinkaid - Goaltender

A goalie!

Kinkaid has been bouncing around the eastern seaboard. He’s most recently notable for putting up a single game and posting a .935 SV%.

...and doing this:

So yeah, that’s definitely something he can still do!

Vinni Lettieri - Center/Right Wing

Eeeey, it’s a good ol’ minnesota boy! He’s been bouncing between the Rangers and the Ducks, and he’s been uh...

...Maybe not ideal with the Ducks?

Who knows, maybe it’s just Anti-Italian discrimination.

While they will all be likely fighting to space on the roster, all will have a major role in being the fill-ins throughout the next season.

Welcome all these talents to the Boston Bruins!