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Morning Skate: Style

He’s got it.

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

It’s not an official award, but it’s a feather in his very stylish cap regardless:


(Side note: It’s pretty funny to see the people getting really mad about The Athletic posting a fun piece in July. Sorry to not serve up another frame-by-frame analysis of a power play.)

It’s nice to see NHL players becoming a bit more expressive in their style, though commenters over a certain age will probably grumble and “flashiness” and “ego.”

Unfortunately, Pastrnak’s prize for being Style King isn’t a new contract with the Bruins. Maybe that’s on the way.

Elsewhere around the league, rumors were flying that Matthew Tkachuk could be on his way out of Calgary, the second big hit to the Flames this offseason.

This news, of course, led to fans of every team concocting wild trade scenarios that would see Tkachuk land on their roster.

For the Bruins...Studnicka and a 6th-round pick should get it done. Maybe a 7th if you feel that’s too rich.

Today’s discussion topic

Thoughts on the Tkachuk news, or on the Calgary saga in general?

Seems like a whole bunch of chaos for a team that was coming off of a pretty good year.