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Morning Skate: Quiet

Not a whole bunch happening.

Day 3 of Boston Bruins Development Camp Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks!

Second-last Friday in July. Let’s all have fun out there.

Here in the Boston area, it’s been more of a “let’s all have fun IN there” lately, with day after day of 90+ degree (F) temperatures and more in sight.

Summer in New England, can’t beat it.

We’re finishing a relatively quiet week for the Bruins, who (barring a Friday news dump) didn’t have much happening aside from John Gruden’s hiring.

It sure looks like the calendar is going to rapidly approach August with some major questions about this roster unanswered, but if nothing else, it gives us something to talk about!

Elsewhere in the NHL yesterday, there were allegations of predatory behavior by Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz, reports that the San Jose Sharks are close to hiring David Quinn, and Nino Niederreiter signing with Nashville.

I saw another report saying that the Sharks had interviewed Spencer Carbery too...maybe the B’s and Sharks shared notes.

Today’s discussion topic

Sportsnet decided that the Bruins have the Atlantic’s fourth-best goalie tandem, behind Tampa, Florida, and...Detroit?

Your thoughts?