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Morning Skate: Pieces

Puzzles, etc.

Dallas Stars v Calgary Flames - Game Seven Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Well, it’s Tuesday. Let’s all have fun out there.

Still nothing really doing for the Bruins, as we all wait for whatever comes next.

In reading a Sportsnet piece on NHL power rankings, it was interesting to see that while we’re all enjoying our waiting game over here, a number of other NHL franchises find themselves in the same boat.

I suppose that’s the case most off-seasons, to be fair, but it’s interesting to approach August and still have two of this year’s bigger-name UFAs unsigned.

The dominoes go beyond just Nazem Kadri and John Klingberg, too - if you’re one of the teams hoping one of those guys puts pen to paper for your club and you end up missing out, it’s back to the drawing board.

I’m curious to see if the trade market heats up at all after each of those guys signs, or if teams are pretty much set where they are.

Today’s discussion topic

Speaking of that Sportsnet piece, they had the Ottawa Senators checking in at the #20 spot.

I’m curious what your take is on Ottawa - some people seem very bullish on their near future.

It seems like they should be improved on offense, but still have pretty large question marks just about everywhere else.

Still, I’ve been wrong before.