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Morning Skate: Onward

The calendar turns.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Welcome to a new week, folks!

We’re right around a month away from training camps, preseason game preparations, etc. Enjoy the quiet time while it lasts.

A few Bruins prospects are keeping you entertained with action from the World Junior Championships, including Fabian Lysell:

Riley Duran and Team USA faced off against Lysell and Sweden last night, but I put this post together before the game really got going.

Hopefully everyone had a nice time!

Dans Locmelis and Lativa scored themselves a huge win on Sunday as well, so overall, it’s been a decent tournament for B’s prospects thus far.

Elsewhere, not much doing for the Bruins. I think it’s fair to guess that today won’t feature quite as much news as last Monday, but who knows?

After last week, we could probably use a quiet start to the week anyways.

Today’s discussion topic

Your thoughts on the WJC thus far? Enjoying the tournament, or just casually checking highlights?