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Morning Skate: Sunset

There’s one per day.

Syndication: Wicked Local Wicked Local Staff Photo/Ann Ringwood / USA TODAY NETWORK

Happy Friday, folks!

Why, you may be wondering, is there a man slicing deli meat at the top of this post?!

Excellent question! Like yesterday, it was the first picture that came up tagged Boston Bruins. And considering it’s the end of August, why not something completely random?

I’m glad you’re all on board.

Anyways, it’s the last Friday in August, which is kind of bittersweet — on the one hand, summer is rapidly coming to a close; on the other hand, we should have a lot more to talk about over the next several weeks.

It’s been mostly quiet on the NHL front this week, with much of the talk focused on the upcoming release of the NHL23 video game.

I haven’t played anything in the NHL series in years, but...any interest? Video games are a good Friday topic.

Today’s discussion topic

Based on this post on NBC Sports Boston: where do you rank the B’s in the division?

Tampa remains the de facto #1, but Toronto is mostly chaotic and I’m not sold on Florida.