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Morning Skate: Rules

I don’t make them.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-St. Louis Blues at Colorado Avalanche Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Tuesday, the second-last day in August. Hope you’ve got those flannel shirts on deck.

We’re in the quiet build-up phase of the offseason now, as the Bruins’ major work is done and we’re still a couple of weeks away from training camp.

Anything is possible, of course, but it seems like we should be in a holding pattern for a while — nothing wrong with having your homework done early!

I was poking around NHL news feeds earlier today, desperate for a topic of conversation, and the idea of changing NHL rules came up.

The post mentioning it was mostly fluff and no real ideas, but it got me thinking about what potential rule tweaks could be made (both realistic no-brainers and pie-in-the-sky ideas).

Maybe Gary Bettman and Co. read this website and will take all of the suggestions to heart. Hi Gary!

If nothing else, it’ll get your rule-making juices flowing and prevent us from having to talk about bad prospect pipelines.

Today’s discussion topic

So...have at it! What changes would you make if you had free reign with the NHL rulebook?

My realistic one: Any offside challenges would be reviewed at full video speed, and only for a set time frame (20 seconds?). No more microscopes.

My unrealistic one: After the fifth round of a shootout, the goalie from each team has to shoot. CHAOS.