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Pavel Zacha, Bruins agree to one-year, $3.5 million contract

And that’s all the ducks in a row!

New Jersey Devils v Chicago Blackhawks
Desperately need a shot of this player in a Bruins uniform, fellas.
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

With the Krejci and Bergeron signings set for opening night, the Bruins have come to an agreement with Pavel Zacha on a contract a few days before his scheduled arbitration hearing.

They did it through the now very funny social media tactic of posting their headshot.

What a winning smile. It will be so nice to have a single photo of Pavel Zacha in Bruins’ uniform.

The Bruins announced the official terms, which were more or less confirmed by Puckpedia earlier today:

A perfect little “show me” deal for a team looking to go the distance this year, from a player who honestly should have a very good year playing with NHL talent.

Let’s all give a big Bruin welcome to Pavel Zacha! Officially this time!

And with that, it seems like the Bruins are set for right now...but who knows. 8/8 has been full of surprises so far today. If it happens, we’ll let you know.