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Morning Skate: Spots

Playoffs, that is.

Day 3 of Boston Bruins Development Camp Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Welcome to Cehptember! I hope you’re ready for a month full of Peter Cehlarik facts!

Nah, just kidding. I’m not going to do that again — it got pretty difficult to come up with fun facts after about two weeks.

Still, I hope you all remember that wonderful Cehptember fondly.

Anyways, with September’s arrival comes the stirrings of hockey season, with the Buffalo prospects tournament just over two weeks away.

Training camp isn’t long after that, and then the good stuff gets started.

We had a nice discussion about the Buffalo Sabres yesterday, then they went and revealed that the red and black Buffalo head jerseys are coming back. Thumbs up from me.

With that unveiling yesterday, I can’t help but wonder if other teams may start releasing their new designs for the year — we’re waiting, Pooh.

Today’s discussion topic

Some of you brought this up in the rules discussion, but I’m curious for your takes: how would you change the current NHL playoff format, if at all?

I’d prefer they just bring back the straight 1-8 format. I get the idea of forming divisional rivalries and all that with the current format, but it often seems like one division gets a raw deal (two very good teams playing each other in the first round, for example).