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Morning Skate: Practice

Today’s the day.

Carolina Hurricanes Vs Boston Bruins At TD Garden Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Happy Monday, folks!

Hopefully this week brings you nothing but good things.

As of 11 AM this morning, the hockey doldrums should officially end, as the Bruins have their first captains’ practice off the preseason.

After practice, we should get all of the soundbites, video clips, social posts, etc. that come along with a preseason meet-up.

While not exactly the most riveting content, it’s better than nothing!

Between captains’ practices and the Buffalo rookie tournament, your hockey schedules are going to be jam-packed — your reward for hanging in there over the summer.

Anyways, not much else happening across the league right now. A few PTOs here and there, but nothing too unusual.

Still, it’s pretty cool to think the regular season begins for the B’s a month from today. Waiting time is almost over.

Today’s discussion topic

With teams in two countries, why isn’t it called the International Hockey League?