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Bruins Prospect Challenge Day 1 RECAP: Goalfest 2k22 ends with the B’s winning 5-4!

The young boys, they play pretty good hockey

General Recap:

Well, it didn’t start great. The Sens skaters seemed to be ready to make a statement, and Shane Pinto in particular wanted to set the tone early. And he did with a 1-0 goal that only exists in the ether. Imagine it for yourself.

Thankfully, Marc McLaughlin managed to get one back on a short-handed bid that...again...does not exist as a highlight as of writing. There were cameras all over that building, what gives. 1-1.

The Sens then piled shots on top of shots, leaving the Bruins in a 3-1 hole...and then things got interesting.

And then Shane Pinto happened. AGAIN.

But again, Toporowski happened! 4-4 all.

With the game winding down, one could be forgiven for thinking it might be sent to overtime but you know? A little bit of solid penalty killing can go a long way.

Especially when it springs Johnny Beecher to go five-hole hunting. 5-4 Bruins WIN late in a goal-fest!

Game Notes:

  • TWO shorthanded goals in one game for these young fellas!
  • Luke Toporowski came ready to impress, those two goals came up huge. Loved his hustle tonight.
  • If the B’s determine that Fabian Lysell still needs seasoning, I would very much like to see him and Lauko be a line in the minors. Just slot them in between the best passer you can and let them go.
  • Beecher’s game-winner was just awesome. That big fella’s strides are so smooth you almost forget how fast he is when he sees an opening. I’m pretty sure the route he took to get from box to defensive zone to that goal had him do a complete circle around the defending Senator. His line played a very solid game as well!
  • Man I don’t really know much about the Sens farm system but Shane Pinto is a menace for a kid who took some shots up high. He might be one of their best youngsters but I think they should let him get some rest.
  • Brandon Bussi did well and made some quality saves when it counted. I’m not making a single comment on the goaltending past that because this particular year’s prospect challenge is a minefield for unintended innuendo for the Bruins’ netminder position.
  • And just remember: there is still plenty of time for prospects who had rough or uninteresting games to bounce back and show us something!

The prospect challenge continues tomorrow at 3:30pm against the Penguins; it will be streamed on the Bruins website and Sabres website. We hope you get to catch some of it!