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Weekend Skate: Prospects

Why not?

Boston Bruins Development Camp Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A Public Skate on the weekend?! What brave new reality are we living in?

With another Prospects Challenge game on tap, it seemed like it’d be worth it to set up another Open Thread for you fine folks to use.

Given that Friday’s game ended up being streamed live on, it stands to reason that the other games will be streamed too.

I don’t have a link at the moment of publishing, but you folks do a good job of keeping each other informed, so if/when you find a (legal) stream, drop it in the comments.

Other than that, have at it!

It was a good display for a few different guys on Friday, so here’s to hoping that continues through the weekend and into Monday.

Expect some roster rotation/line juggling this weekend, which should give a few different guys a chance to show their stuff.