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Morning Skate: Mystery

International PTO Man of Mystery.

Washington Capitals v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, folks!

The Youths wrapped up the Prospects Challenge in style yesterday, beating the Youth Jersey Devils in a shootout.

With that tournament in the books, we roll on towards the preseason, which is just a few days away.

One thing that I’m finding a little odd: unless I just haven’t seen it, it’s kind of weird that the B’s haven’t released a schedule (or roster) for training camp yet.

I’m guessing it’ll come out tomorrow, with a Wednesday-Friday camp preceding the preseason game.

It’s of little consequence, of course, as it’ll all happen as it’s supposed to just seems weird.

Speaking of the roster, I mentioned in one of these recent skates the idea of a PTO player at camp, as there seems to be at least one every season. It appears that’s still hanging in the balance:

If you’re looking at the Bruins’ current roster, you’d have to guess that the guys who went elsewhere due to opportunity were probably forwards — even with Brad Marchand out, the Bruins aren’t exactly hurting for depth forwards, and you generally don’t get a top-six guy on a PTO.

That’d mean the one “hanging out there” could be a defenseman, as the B’s are more short there than elsewhere.

I hope it’s PK Subban solely for the outrageous takes, but we’ll see!

Maybe it’s Lee Stempniak returning as a defenseman for old time’s sake.

Today’s discussion topic

Obviously it was kind of hard to say for sure due to the lack of in-depth broadcast coverage, but is there anyone whose stock went up (or down) in your eyes after the rookie tournament?