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Morning Skate: Eve

The preseason is coming!

Day 3 of Boston Bruins Development Camp Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks!

It’s a big Friday too — the last one without recent hockey games to discuss until sometime in the spring (ideally).

Sure, they’re only preseason games, but who doesn’t love to argue about exhibition games that will feature rosters that are 60-70% non-NHL players?!

Still, beggars can’t be choosers, and it’s better to have the preseason than to have nothing at all.

The Bruins will play the Flyers tomorrow night, with training camp rolling on today (and tomorrow, for the non-playing players).

If you haven’t been able to follow training camp, here’s what things looked like yesterday:

Conor would later correct that fifth trio, as it was actually Matthew Poitras in the middle.

For the second group:

I am very much here for a Lauko-Krejci-Pastrnak preseason line.

Of course, it’s kind of silly to read too much into line combinations in preseason games, let alone in training camp practices, but it’s still fun to see how the trios shake out.

What’s on tap for this lovely Friday?

Today’s discussion topic

Training camp matters for all kinds of guys, but who do you see as someone who really needs to have a big camp to make a good impression?