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Bruins 9/24/22 RECAP: Offense hard to come by in 2-1 loss to Flyers, but optimism abounds

Do everything right and lose is honestly a great place to start.

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

First Period:

NOTHING! The Bruins put a ton of shots on net thanks to a bunch of dumb penalties. The power play looked nice!

Second Period

The Flyers opened the scoring in this game early in the 2nd with Morgan Frost taking advantage of a 5-on-3 PK, where all he really had to do was just sit in front of the short side and get ready to shoot. 1-0 Flyers.

There was plenty of other weird penalties and dust ups, given that both sides were full of guys trying to find a job and also reckless energy.

...and we move to the final frame.

Third Period:

While the Bruins kept the clamps down on the Flyers, it really seemed like every shot was just destined to go wide, high, or right into the goalie’s chest.

It really felt like any old shot would get through.

...Oh, I guess any old shot will: Jakub Lauko just thundered a shot straight past Felix Sandstrom to tie the game 1-1

I feel like “shot that hits the back of the net and bounces out” is probably in my top five favorite kinds of goal.

And so, the Bruins would take this one to-AH JEEZ

Man that’s such a rough way to give up a lead. That’s just unfortunate.

B’s drop preseason game one 2-1.

Game Notes:

  • The leader in TOI was Jakub Zboril, who logged 23 minutes of ice time.
  • SPEAKING OF WHOM: Man. Jakub Zboril wants you to know he’s ready. He didn’t factor into the score, but he very easily could’ve. Dude was just everywhere and Monty rightfully let him do a little bit of everything with that ample time. The B’s will need him to be at his best coming into the season and this is the best first impression you could make after an ACL injury.
  • Jakub Lauko could’ve easily had two goals tonight, had anything broke the right way more than once for the Boston Bruins. This was not a unique experience across the lineup, pretty much everyone put in some good work, but Lauko seemed to be working hard enough for two out there, so I hope he gets his second and third on Tuesday.
  • Sticking Foligno with Jake DeBrusk feels like trying to teach Jake something but I don’t quite know what it is. It should not surprise you to learn that Jake the Snake led his line among the analytics and Foligno...didn’t. I’m sure fans will react rationally to this information.
  • Kyle Keyser replaced his mask halfway through his game due to a shot breaking some of the straps, and he had to go put on his old one, and that, he blames, on the game winner that kinda trickled in on past him. Whatever you say, pal. Both goalies did pretty well regardless, Keyser and Kinkaid were well above .925% tonight.
  • To be honest, there was tons to like in this game. The B’s kept control for most of it, they kept the fights honest, they got more shots on goal than the other team throughout most of the game, every forward had at least one SOG, and did pretty much everything right...they just didn’t win. Can’t ask for more than that for a bunch of prospects, AHLers and depth guys.
  • Please settle the not-fighting penalties down, though. That’s gonna make for some annoying games in preseason.

The Bruins are off tomorrow, then they have a hard practice, go to New York, and play the Rangers on TNT because they forgot that AEW is on TBS now, I guess. That game drops the puck at 7pm EST

We’ll see you there for more Preseason action!