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Morning Skate: Beginning

We have reached it.

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Happy Monday, folks!

Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend, the first Bruins-ful (not a word, but you get it) weekend in a few months.

Saturday’s game was a good way to get things started — while it was a loss, we got to see a few non-standard B’s get some ice time and there were no injuries (as I was putting this together Sunday night, I was reading how Vancouver’s Ilya Mikheyev left their first preseason game with an injury).

For those most part, Saturday’s game was a standard preseason game: some guys looked rusty, some guys looked good to go, and most everyone else fell somewhere in between.

After a jammed run of days starting mid-week last week, the B’s had the day off on Sunday. Hopefully they didn’t spend their free time watching the Patriots.

It’ll be another day of practices today, followed by tomorrow night’s preseason home opener against the Rangers.

Hockey back at the Garden! It must be fall...

Today’s discussion topic

This has kind of been discussed in the Public Skate/recap, but anything/anyone jump out at you from the first preseason game?

Could be in a good way or a bad way.