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Bruins announce first round of training camp cuts

No real surprises in the group.

Day 3 of Boston Bruins Development Camp Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

We’re a couple of games into the preseason, so you knew roster trimming was coming eventually — and it turns out today was that day for a dozen or so guys.

The Bruins announced their first round of training camp cuts this evening, sending a variety of guys to the Providence Bruins’ training camp and returning one player to his junior club.

The cuts can be seen below:

Heading to Providence camp

Joey Abate, Samuel Asselin, Francois Brassard, Justin Brazeau, Brandon Bussi, Josiah Didier, J.D. Greenway, Curtis Hall, Georgii Merkulov, Luke Toporowski, Eduards Tralmaks, Alex-Olivier Voyer, and Jacob Wilson

Returning to juniors

Matthew Poitras is heading back to the OHL’s Guelph Storm.

All in all, no surprises

The first round of roster moves rarely contains any shocks, and this one is no different — the guys on this list were always slated to head to the AHL or juniors.

I guess you could say that it’s a little disappointing that guys like Merkulov or Toporowski (especially after a strong rookie tournament) didn’t make it a little futher, but there’s no exactly a ton of room at the inn for forwards.

The B’s will continue to practice this week before the preseason resumes on Saturday.